I am dealing with the ideals primarily, not the ideals of style. Instead of traditional or newfangled compulsorily fashionable or maligned methods of art I pay much more attention to the former one. This is what determines my relation to art and work of art. I can accept all kinds of stylistic attitude objectively, that is why I averse to any confirmed forms. I keep off all those naturalists pounding their chests as well as stubborn abstracts. For me deliberate spasmodic diligence and protected style features are worthless. I choose tools for realization while focusing on my own message; therefore it happened that the classifier style-historian found irregular works and genres with me. However, I cannot exceed the commands of my experiences for the sake of any order determined by any school or any attractive uniformity of styles in a career-path. I am not excited standing in front of a canvas, a sheet of paper, stone slab or a metal plate by the question whether I can find my own characteristic features in art, but when formatting and shaping these materials do I manage to perform an up-to-date meaningful task in society?